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Adult colouring is gaining popularity for its therapeutic benefits. It takes us away from our increasingly digital world and gives us back the time to process our thoughts.
We may find pleasure in colouring complicated pictures that as children we often embarked on but failed to have the patience to complete.

The Creative Colouring website is for everyone who loves to colour in colouring books or art.
Here you can share your coloured pictures, recommend colouring books, pencils, markers, techniques and more.

A great thing about colouring is that everyone sees a picture's potential differently, and it's fun to compare our results.
It's also interesting to see how others may have completed a picture before you tackle yours as there are often many patterns that emerge once you have started, and it can end up being too late to change your mind.

So let's have fun, and thanks in advance for helping create an enjoyable community of colourists !

The website is continously developing, so please feel free to provide feedback and let me know if there is something you think should be added or changed.


This image shows variations on the same picture, it illustrates how each of us may see the potential in a picture differently.